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RSE/IREH: online the 3/2023 issue

The issue 3/2023 of the Rivista di Storia Economica / Italian Review of Economic History is out!

It features papers by Giulia Mancini on Gender discrimination and intra-household inequality in rural Italy, 1920s-1930s, Giacomo Domini on Innovation and business performance in Italy, 1913-1936, Ugo M. Gragnolati, Luigi Moretti and Roberto Ricciuti on Early railways and industrial development: Local evidence from Sardinia in 1871–1911 (a previous draft was presented at the 7th Ase Annual Meeting), and Francesco Chiapparino and Gabriele Morettini on Winners and losers in Italian agriculture of the 1930s. A contribution to the analysis of the interwar crisis.

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