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Seventh ASE Annual Meeting

The seventh ASE Annual Meeting will take place on September 23 and 24 in Pisa at Sant'Anna School for Advanced Studies, that co-organised the event.

Seventh ASE Annual Meeting

The seventh ASE Annual Meeting will take place on September 23 and 24 in Pisa at Sant'Anna School for Advanced Studies (Piazza Martiri della Libertà, 33, 56127 Pisa PI).

The seventh ASE Keynote Lecture, by professor Jochen Streb (Mannheim University), will be livestreamed on YouTube at this link.

Note that a current ASE membership is required to attend the Annual Meeting.

Programme (presenters in bold):

Friday 23 - Aula Magna Storica

13:00−14:00 Registration

14:10−14:15 Opening remarks

Alessandro Nuvolari (Sant’Anna and ASE President)

14:15−16:00 ASE Economic History Workshop, session 1
Chair: Michelangelo Vasta (Siena; Editor of IREH-RES)

Catching-up and falling behind: Russian economic growth, 1690s-1880s

Stephen Broadberry (Oxford), Elena Korchmina (Southern Denmark)

Discussant: Vera Zamagni (Bologna)

Women’s education and fertility in Italy at the onset of the demographic transition

Carlo Ciccarelli (Tor Vergata), Gianni Marciante (Warwick)

Discussant: Giulia Mancini (Sassari)

Borders, trade and growth: Evidence for Europe 1000-1800
Matteo Cervellati, Sara Lazzaroni, Giovanni Prarolo, Paolo Vanin (Bologna)

Discussant: Jacob Weisdorf (Sapienza)

16:00-16:30 Tea & Coffee break

16:30−18:15 ASE Economic History Workshop, session 2
Chair: Donatella Strangio (Sapienza)

Persistent Specialization and Growth: The Italian Land Reform
Riccardo Bianchi-Vimercati (Northwestern), Giampaolo Lecce (Groningen), Matteo Magnaricotte (Northwestern)

Discussant: Giovanni Prarolo (Bologna)

Italian municipalities, fiscal capacity, and the 1902 reform of the Dazio consumo
Andrea Xamo (Verona)

Discussant: Mauro Rota (Sapienza)

Mobility of the Innocents. Foundlings and their descendants in 19th century Florence
Brian A’Hearn (Oxford),Giuliana Freschi, Giacomo Gabbuti (Sant’Anna)

Discussant: Leonardo Ridolfi (Siena)

18:15-18:25 Break

18:25−19:35 ASE Economic History Workshop, session 3
Chair: Anna Missiaia (Gothenburg)

Pandemics are similar, societies are not: Roman Egypt’s reaction to the Antonine Plague
Luigi Oddo, Corrado Lagazio (Genova) and Alister Filippini (Chieti-Pescara)

Discussant: Raffaele Danna (Sant'Anna)

The economic origins of government
Robert C. Allen (NYU Abu Dhabi), Mattia C. Bertazzini (Oxford), Leander Heldring (Northwestern)

Discussant: Jonathan Chapman (Bologna)

20:00-23:00 ASE Social Dinner (Chiostro, Sant'Anna School)

Saturday 24 - Aula Magna

9:15−11:00 ASE Economic History Workshop, session 4

Chair: Marco Molteni (University of Oxford)
Structural shocks and the bank-industry relationship in Italy, 1983-2017
Alberto Rinaldi (Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia), Anna Spadavecchia (Strathclyde)

Discussant: Paolo di Martino (Torino)

Railway development and population dynamics in a simple economy
Ugo M. Gragnolati (Cagliari), Luigi Moretti (Bergamo), Roberto Ricciuti (Verona)

Discussant: Carlo Ciccarelli (Tor Vergata)

From global to local: The impact of trade exposure on Italian provinces during the first globalization

Dario Pellegrino, Matteo Gomellini (Banca d’Italia), Anna Missiaia (Gothenburg)

Discussant: Stefano Ungaro (Banque de France)

11:00−11:30 Tea & Coffee break

11:30-11:40 Francesca Carnevali Prize Award

Chair: Valeria Pinchera (Pisa)

11:40−13:10 Seventh ASE Keynote Lecture
Chair: Alessandro Nuvolari (Sant’Anna and ASE President)

Patent law and economic performance

Jochen Streb (Mannheim University)

13:10−14:30 Light lunch

14:30−16:30 ASE General Assembly

Hosted and co-organized

Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pisa

Contacts & Registration

Giacomo Gabbuti (Scientific Secretariat);


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