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ASE Governing Council nominated Alessandro Nuvolari as President

Following the elections of the Governing Council, held electronically in October, when all the standing committee members - Federico Barbiellini Amidei (Banca d'Italia), Andrea Colli (Bocconi), Emanuele Felice (IULM), Anna Missiaia (Gothenburg), Alessandro Nuvolari (Sant'Anna), Mauro Rota (Sapienza) and Giovanni Vecchi (Tor Vergata) - had been confirmed (Michelangelo Vasta, Siena, is also member of the Council as the editor of the RSE/IREH), on November 25 the new Council held its first meeting.

As prescribed by the Association Bylaws, the Council nominated Alessandro Nuvolari as President for the period 2022-2025. Mauro Rota has been also appointed as Treasurer of the Association, while Giacomo Gabbuti is ASE Scientific secretary.


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