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CFP: EREH special issue on Transport and history: pushing the frontiers of data, measurement, and outcomes

Guest Editors: Dan Bogart and Carlo Ciccarelli

Deadline for Submissions: 1 November 2024


The European Review of Economic History is pleased to announce a special issue on Transport and history: pushing the frontiers of data, measurement, and outcomes. The special issue aims at exploring recent trends in the quantity analysis of transport and history. It seeks to assemble papers in the field of economic history but it is open to scholars from other related fields. Dan Bogart and Carlo Ciccarelli are editors of the special issue.

New data sources are being used in the study of transport history.  Historians are now digitizing maps, registers of shipwrecks, and railway time-tables among others.  These new sources create opportunities, but also challenges. There are potential misinterpretations of new sources, which can be identified through careful use and comparative research. Recent research also gives emphasis to better measurement of transport costs and the attributes of transport services.  For example, it is now standard to simulate transport costs between locations using GIS data and tools. But how accurate are these approaches? Can they be improved? Transport innovations are also being linked to outcomes other than trade, like fertility, culture, and social protests. Does it make sense to believe that transport could shape a wider range of outcomes? The answers are not clear. We propose a special issue which brings together papers that address the frontiers of data, measurement, and new outcomes linked to transport history.

Selected papers will be presented in a meeting on the same topic to be held at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, 19-20 December 2024. The papers will then follow the regular refereeing process of the journal.

The editors invite papers to be submitted by 1 November 2024 via the journal’s submission portal: Please do not hesitate to contact the special issue editors at and should you have any questions.


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