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CFP: Datini-Ester Advanced Seminar for economic&social historians: “Social and geographic mobility"

The Fondazione Istituto Internazionale di Storia Economica “F. Datini” and the European School for Training in Economic and Social Historical Research (ESTER) announce their ninth jointly-organized Datini-ESTER Advanced Seminar for economic and social historians on 12 th -18th May 2024, in Prato (Italy). The topic of the seminar is: “Social and geographic mobility” - closely related to the theme of the congress yearly organized by the "F. Datini" International Institute of Economic History and devoted in 2024 to Social Mobility in pre-industrial societies: tendencies, causes and effects (13th-18th centuries).

The seminar is jointly organized by the members of the board of the Datini-Ester Seminar: Guido Alfani (Fondazione Datini), Ben Gales (ESTER), Jaco Zuijderduijn (ESTER), Francesco Ammannati (Fondazione Datini). The members of the board, together with other colleagues, specialist in the field, will participate in the seminar as instructors.

Students should apply online, by October 15th, 2023, and present a 800 words abstract of the content of their paper. A first selection of students (by ESTER and Datini) will take place on the basis of the abstracts. After this stage, students who are accepted will be asked to draft their research paper. The final admission to the course depends upon the following points:  the student must meet the deadline for submission of his/her paper (whose deadline is the 15th of March 2024);  the paper must be of sufficient academic quality and the level of the English used in the paper must be sufficient. The language of the papers, such as that of the seminar, will be English.

Full details on the call are available at this link.


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