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Third ASE Annual Meeting

The third ASE Annual Meeting has been held on September 14-15th, 2018, at Bocconi University (co-organised and hosted by the Department of Social and Political Sciences).

Third ASE Annual Meeting

September 14-15th, 2018

Bocconi University (co-organised and hosted by the Department of Social and Political Sciences).



Friday (Via Röntgen 1, room AS03):

12:00−14:00 Registration & buffet lunch

14:00−14:15 Welcome Address and Opening remarks:

Andrea Colli (Bocconi University), Giovanni Vecchi (University of Rome Tor Vergata; President, ASE), Alessandro Nuvolari (Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna; Editor, Rivista di Storia Economica)

14:30−16:30 2018 ASE Economic History Workshop (session 1):
Martina Miotto (Warwick), Alessandro Iaria (Bristol) and Luigi Pascali (Pompeu Fabra), Navigation, World Trade and the Chronometer
Raffaele Danna (Cambridge), The Spread of Hindu-Arabic Numerals in the Tradition of European Practical Mathematics, a Socio-Economic Perspective: 13th-16th Centuries
Giulia Mancini (Tor Vergata), The Determinants of Female Labor Supply in Italy, 1881-2018

16:30−17:00 Coffee break

17:00−19:00 2018 ASE Economic History Workshop (session 2)
Gianluca Russo (Boston), World War I Casualties and the Rise of Fascism in Italy: Evidence from La Vittoria Mutilata
Marco Molteni (Oxford), Bank Failures: What Failure? Banking Distress and Resolution Policies in Fascist Italy
Mario Carillo (Brown), Agricultural Policy and Long-Run Development: Evidence from Mussolini’s Battle for Grain

20:30 ASE Dinner

Saturday (Piazza Sraffa 13, room N01):

9:00−11:00 Roundtable: Back to Maddison?

Invited speaker: Jutta Bolt, Groningen University

Chair: Giovanni Federico, University of Pisa

Discussants: Alberto Baffigi, Bank of Italy; Stefano Fenoaltea, University of Turin; Vera Zamagni, University of Bologna)

11:00−11:30 Coffee break

11:30−13:00 Third ASE Keynote Lecture: The role of women in economic growth (Jane Humphries, University of Oxford)

13:00−14:15 Buffet lunch

14:15−16:30 ASE official meetings


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