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Fifth ASE Annual Meeting

The fifth meeting of the Associazione di Storia Economica (ASE), hosted by Zoom, took place on September, 26 2020.

Fifth ASE Annual Meeting

September 26, 2020.



3:15-3:30pm    Virtual gathering

3:30-4:00pm    Opening remarks

Giovanni Vecchi (Rome Tor Vergata; President, ASE)

Alessandro Nuvolari (Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna; Editor, Rse)

4:00-5:30pm    Fifth ASE Keynote Lecture: Claudia Goldin (Harvard University) Journey across a Century of Women

Journey across a Century of Women is a 100+ year odyssey of generations of college graduate women from a time when they were able to have either a family or a career (or job), to now, when they aim for and anticipate attaining both. I explore the changing impediments to achieving career and family BCE (Before the Corona Era) and what has happened DC (During Corona)

5:30-5:45pm    Coffee break

5:45-6:30pm    ASE General Assembly


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